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Welcome to one of the few UK short term travel insurance sites for the elderly. Elderly people are travelling more and more and taking longer and longer holidays so the demand for Over 70 travel insurance has never been so high!

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Latest Elderly short term Travel Insurance News May 2017


Brexit News

Currency The pound fell to its lowest level in 30 years, while the FTSE 250 was on track for its worst decline ever as the markets reacted to the referendum news. Ahead of the referendum there was already a 300% spike in holidaymakers exchanging money to guarantee good rates, according to travel money specialist FairFx. At press time, the pound had fallen to 1.33 against the dollar and 1.25 against the euro, meaning in the short term at least, the expectation is that Brits will get less for their money abroad. But the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) says that while spending power will be affected, holidaymakers due to travel this summer will see little immediate change to their holiday. “Once the UK formally notifies the EU of its intention to leave, the remaining member states will have up to two years to offer the UK a deal for a future trading relationship and during this period holidaymakers will not see any immediate changes.” Read the full Abta statement and its Brexit. The cost of flights from the UK to EU countries has plummeted as a result of its membership, which is why Brexit has been opposed by airlines including easyJet and Ryanair. As Abta points out, it was EU regulations that opened up the flight market, increasing competition and ultimately leading to cheaper flights to more destinations. These regulations could be at risk. Andrew Swaffield, chief executive of the budget airline Monarch said: “An exit would most likely lead to higher air fares and fewer scheduled flights between the EU and the UK.” Meanwhile, passenger rights regarding compensation across all modes of travel, but particularly regarding delays in air travel, would be removed from the UK’s statute book unless the government chose to replicate them in UK law. While there is unlikely to be an immediate impact on flight prices and compensation law, this will depend on how the government chooses to negotiate the terms of the UK’s relationship with the EU. Healthcare Currently the European Health Insurance Card is available to all EU residents, a scheme which means Brits are guaranteed access to local health services on the same terms as locals. Again, this will need to be renegotiated. If the UK leaves this scheme travel insurance premiums will inevitably increase. Visas New travel requirements for UK citizens visiting EU countries will need to be negotiated. If visas are required, this could make travel far more costly and lengthy than has previously been enjoyed by British holidaymakers.

Esure has detected a growing trend among Brits as an increasing number of couples opt for the �XL� family holiday.

According to the insurer, one in four families are now jetting off abroad in the company of at least six relatives, with over half of this group convinced they will save almost £400 by extending the nuclear family.

Four in ten respondents are also interested in spending more quality time with their wider families and one-quarter are taking grandparents along so they have babysitters on tap.

Other reasons for an outsized booking include landmarks such as anniversaries or birthdays, and grandparents offering to pay for the entire holiday.

The research also reveals that the most common overseas destinations for this year's XL trips are Spain, France, Italy and Greece, with the cost estimated at around £2,500.

Esure's head of travel insurance, Nikki Sellers, comments: �Going away on holiday with several family members can have numerous benefits � there are plenty of people to have fun with, it can work out cheaper booking a villa for everyone and couples also get the chance to enjoy each other's company knowing their children are being entertained.�

AXA Warning!

Travel insurer AXA has warned British travellers that claims made due to dangerous new crazes will be rejected.

AXA has seen a spike in such claims, with as many made in the summer of this year as in the whole of 2010.

The insurer blames the rise in claims (such as falling off of balconies) on the rising popularity of owling, planking and batting, which see people take photographs of themselves in unusual positions, in order to post them online.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this behaviour frequently coincides with inebriation (which can itself render a claim void) and the insurer has warned holidaymakers that such claims may very well be rejected.

Once repatriation and healthcare costs are added together, the cost of claims can run into tens of thousands of pounds (repatriation from the US costs £60,000).

Roman Bryl, underwriting manager at AXA travel insurance, said that the firm was concerned at the rise in accidents and urged people to consider the risks to health and finances when considering whether to take part in a dangerous craze.

In a similar vein, last month Direct Line Travel Insurance warned that overseas stag and hen parties were leading to rather unpleasant consequences.

Of those who took part, 12% became lost in a foreign country, 2% missed their flights home and 115,000 stated they knew someone who had a piercing or tattoo that was cause for regret.

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May 2013

Holidaymakers booking online are paying out hundreds of pounds to correct mistakes, with the average cost of an error amounting to £232. New research from LV= travel insurance suggest that almost one half of UK

Tough times head for travel firms

The continuing credit crunch is proving tough for many UK based holiday companies.

According to Begbies Traynor's latest �Red Flag Alert�, further insolvencies in the sector are inevitable.

Putting aside the sharp annual rise in �critical� cases, the third quarter of 2011 saw a 29% increase in companies facing �significant� financial distress, compared with the previous three month period.

The insolvency specialist's partner, Julie Palmer, comments: �Cash reserves at travel and tourism companies are typically at their lowest levels during the 4th quarter so the rise in distress during Q3 is a real warning signal to the industry.

�Consumers are reining in their spending but this responsible behaviour is actually nullifying any attempts by policymakers to boost spending in the UK.


Many Britons still travelling without insurance

A new survey from travel insurance for the over 80s has revealed that 3.2 million Britons would go without travel insurance to increase their spending money on holiday.

Saving on duty free (61%) and new clothes (60%) proved the most popular economies when saving for a holiday, but one out of 15 Britons indicated they would risk travelling without insurance to save money.

There is a clear gender divide, with 2.9 million men (9%) willing to cut travel insurance compared to just 1 million women (4%).

In addition, Londoners are likeliest to travel without insurance (9%), more than twice as likely as those from Yorkshire & Humberside and Wales (4% each).


Top five reasons to have travel insurance


  • When you signed up for safari on the Savannah, you already knew cheetahs ran fast, but had no idea your rental jeep would be so slow.
  • While running through the airport in pursuit of your flight to Peru, you collide with the courtesy cart. Climbing to Machu Picchu just wouldn't be the same on crutches.
  • The leaning tower of Piza finally topples the moment you decide to get a 'close up'. While laying in the rubble, you kick yourself for not having invested in that telephoto lens when you had the chance. Literally.
  • Your return flight is delayed because of mechanical failure. It looks like you'll have to spend another evening in Bora Bora. With Trip Interruption , the insurance company picks up the tab. Try to sound disappointed when you report the bad news to your babysitter.
  • Traveling costs enough on its own without the extra added expense of dealing with emergencies, contingencies, and the unexpected.

May 2011

Check out why travel insurance for seniors is so important.

Over 75s Holidaymakers over the age of 80 are increasingly being refused travel insurance over 80 because most policies are imposing an upper age limit, according to Intune, the financial services arm of charity Help the Aged.

Looking for travel insurance for the over 71s? Check out our guide for the Over 71s

Also bear in mind travel over 85 travel insurance too.

Its research examined 495 travel insurance policies, and found that 97 per cent imposed upper age limits, while a quarter did not provide cover for travellers aged over 65. More than 70 per cent would not cover those aged 75 or over, despite the fact that older travellers are jetsetting more than their younger counterparts. Intune's study shows the over-80s took more than 121,000 trips, lasting between three to six months, over the last year.

'We have found that older people holiday more widely than younger age groups, and for longer at a time,' says Stuart Castledine, Intune's managing director. 'Many people are electing to work until 70, leaving it even later in life to make the most of their retirement and leisure time through travel. But while the older generation flock to the sun or visit relatives abroad, insurance is getting harder to find.'

If you are an older person and looking for travel insurance for the over 75 then check out all the relevant links on this site.

Customers over 85 are eight times more likely to make a claim than those aged under 35, while those over 65 are three times more likely. But Castledine says this shouldn't mean that older people should be discouraged from travelling. 'The over-80s traveller has particular requirements which may need accommodating,' he says, 'But they do not want a system which writes them off at a time when they should be enjoying life to the full.'


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